Web-based mapping of Carare archaeological/architectural sites

Web-based mapping of Carare archaeological/architectural sites is developed in order to evaluate re-use of Europeana meta data (Deliverable D.4.7: Map enhancement to project website using Europeana API).

The content of the map are collections already delivered to Carare repository and Europeana. At the time being the geographical coordinates are mostly geoparsed (geoparsed by Europeana), and will be replaced shortly by Carare partners »exact« coordinates.   
Spatial accuracy:

The tool supports navigation and search of the content:
- to move the map press either left or middle mouse button while over the map and drag; - to change the magnification use the mouse scroll wheel or the magnification tool on the right sidebar; you can also hold a shift key while drawing a rectangle with the left mouse button to zoom-in;
- to identify features use the left mouse button and click on them, then select the thumbnail to connect to Europeana meta data.
Filtering the heritage on the map according to term. When multilingual option is checked enter the term in English and it will be automatically translated into other languages.
A tool for planning the cultural route. Click the points on the map and end the route by double-click.
Find tool. Enter the place name.
Search Europeana content and find geographical location of selected object.
Zoom the map to full extent.
Selecting base layers:
Google Physical

Zoom tool.
The tool could be efficiently used also on mobile devices with additional locational and navigation features.
Please send comments to Franc J. Zakrajsek: franc.zakrajsek@guest.arnes.si
Developed by IPCHS, Lunida ltd. in cooperation with all Carare partners